Yemoya International Artist Residency

Anitafrika Method Group Workshop


YEMOYA is one of three international artist residencies hosted by the Anitafrika Retreat Centre. The week-long residency combines trans-disciplinary arts development with wellness practices, for artists and non-artists. Founded in summer 2008 by D’bi Young, YEMOYA’s intensive program focuses on the holisitc growth of its resident artists, using The Anitafrika Method. 
Residencies are grounded in the nine foundational principles of the method: Self-knowledge, Politics, Orality, Language, Rhythm, Urgency, Sacredness, Integrity and Experience. YEMOYA International Artist Residency believes in global change through personal change. 

July 2019 - Group Residencies With d’bi.young anitafrika

Included: Residency & Materials + Accommodation (two artists per room) + Food

Not Included: Return Airfare + Travel Health Insurance

Application Deadlines are Ongoing throughout the year. Check Residency Calendar for the next upcoming retreat. 

You also submit:
1. A CV
2. A 100 word biography
3. A high resolution headshot of yourself
4. PDF Portfolio (Max 10 pages) or excerpt of writing (Max 10 pages) or web link to view your work
5. One letter of recommendation

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Using The Anitafrika Method, YEMOYA aims to:

  • provide resident artists with the tools to achieve optimal holistic health

  • assist resident artists in achieving a significant artistic goal during the course of their residency, such as a monodrama, novel, visual art, portfolio, exhibit, an installation or multi-media piece

  • provide artists with an integrative nature-based environment to foster their holistic transformation

Residencies have been conducted in Costa Rica, Canada, UK, South Africa, India, Jamaica, the Bahamas and Hawaii.  Alumni of the Anitafrika Method include Soca King Machel Montano, Amanda Parris of The Exhibitionist, Randell Adjei founder of R.I.S.E, Che Kothari founder of Manifesto, Global Speaker Kim Katrin Milan, Natasha Adiyana Morris founder of Piece of Mine Festival, Mriga Kapadiya co-founder of Nor Black Nor White Fashion House, Poet and Arts Educator Lishai Peel, and Liza Paul co creator of the widely-celebrated play 'Pomme is French for Apple. These artists today, are leaders in their own creative fields, incorporating the method's transformational skills building and mentorship techniques as crucial facilitative, pedagogical and social frameworks in their creative and activist endeavors.

Residency Guide

YEMOYA international artist residency fosters the collective holistic development of art makers from around the world who are emerging, mid-career and/or established. With a maximum of 12 residents per intensive, participants learn, share and grow with each other in an intimate and nurturing setting.
Residency Elements

  • group facilitation

  • one-to-one mentorship with d’bi.young

  • solo creative time

  • community service

  • field trips

  • presentations

  • yoga and meditation

  • final presentation

Residency Schedule (subject to change)

  • 6:00-7:00am Yoga

  • 7:00-8:00am Meditation

  • 8:15-9:15am Breakfast

  • 9:30-10:00am Check-In

  • 10:00-11:00am Session One

  • 11:00-12:00pm Session Two

  • 12:00-1:00pm LUNCH

  • 1:00-1:30pm Walk

  • 1:30-2:30pm Session Three

  • 2:30-3:30pm Session Four

  • 3:30-4:00pm Break

  • 4:00-5:00pm Session Five

  • 5:00-6:00pm Dinner

  • 6:00-6:30pm Check-Out

YEMOYA And Self Discipline
The process of artistic introspection is certainly never easy. Artists have to work very hard at it. By their own efforts artists arrive at their own realisations; no one else can do this for them. Therefore, the residency will suit only those willing to work seriously and observe the discipline, which is there for the benefit of the artists and is an integral part of the residency.

All who attend the YEMOYA residency are asked:

  • to abstain from killing any being

  • to abstain from stealing

  • to participate fully in residency activities

  • to abstain from telling lies

  • to abstain from all intoxicants

  • to abstain from discriminating against anyone