Anitafrika Method

The Anitafrika Method is a ground-breaking creative praxis originated by Black Jamaican queer feminist Dub poet, d’bi.young anitafrika.  The method is an intersectional decolonial, anti-oppressive liberation framework utilised by artists, instigators, educators, and change-makers globally which cultivates self-recovery, creativity, and leadership in its practitioners. Anitafrika Method, which emerges out of Jamaica’s dub poetry and the Caribbean’s popular theatre, was inspired by the seminal dub theory work of anitafrika’s mother, pioneer dub poet Anita Stewart. The acronym S.P.O.L.R.U.S.I.E represents the method's nine foundational principles of Self-knowledge, Politics, Orality, Language, Rhythm, Urgency, Sacredness, Integrity, and Experience, balanced by nine bodies: Beyond Body, Spiritual, Mental, Community, Emotional, Economic, Creative, Physical, and Earth body.

The method's multiple applications include personal growth, art/theatre-making, creative development, health intervention, organisation culture-building, transformational justice, and leadership development. The method has been utilised by Nightwood TheatreThe Stephen Lewis Foundation, The Banff Centre, U of T, Ryerson and York Universities, MaRS, Women's College Hospital, and other institutions globally.

The Anitafrika Method and Canada’s Women’s College Hospital: Arts Based Intervention into The Health of Black Womxn

Together in collaboration with Women’s Health in Women’s Hands Community Health Centre, globally renowned Canadian Poet of honor and 2015 YWCA Woman of Distinction in the Arts, d’bi.young anitafrika was funded in 2014 by Women’s Xchange through Women’s College Hospital to explore the effectiveness of The Anitafrika Method as a holistic arts­-based health intervention in the improvement of Black Womxn’s health entitled the Black Womxn’s Sacred Health Research Project. The intent of the project was to promote optimal holistic (creative, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) health services, resources and toolkits to Black and diverse womxn, by critically exploring innovative health education and advocacy through the development of the Anitafrika Method ­ an arts informed health intervention. Six series of two day intensive workshops were facilitated by d’bi.young anitafrika over a six month period from January­ to June 2015. Research Question To explore how engaging with an arts informed health intervention can positively influence the wholistic embodiment of health for womxn of colour. Secondary to this, was to also explore how artistic engagement facilitates the development of agency around health within the broader community.

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the 9


  • Self-knowledge

  • Politics

  • Orality

  • Language

  • Rhythm

  • Urgency

  • Sacredness

  • Integrity

  • Experience

The 9 Bodies

Beyond Body | Spiritual | mental | community | Emotional | economic | creative | Physical | Earth