One-to-One Residency Options


Heal. Grow. Transform

Anitafrika Retreat Centre (Arc) residencies range from 1 to 28 days, focusing on the metaphysical, spiritual, mental, communal, emotional, economic, and physical growth and development of its artists-in-residence. The Anitafrika Method is the pedagogical framework of Arc. Residencies  include one-to-one mentorship, dramaturgy & coaching, creative time as well as food, accommodation, meditation, yoga, swimming, walking trails and more. 

Anitafrika Method alumni include national and international artists such as Machel Montano, Amanda Parris, Ngozi Paul, Titilope Sonuga, Che Kothari, Ria Hartley, Bahia Watson, Mriga Kapadiya, Linda Kaoma, Liza Paul, Julene Robinson, Raphael Cohen, Lishai Peel, Colanthony Humphreys, Kalmplex, and Webster McDonald.  Residencies have been hosted in Canada, England, India, South Africa, Belize, Jamaica, the Bahamas and Hawaii.

The retreat offers the following (option to opt out of meals):

  • Food and accommodation
  • One-to-one sessions with d'bi. using the Anitafrika Method (minimum 2hr workshop daily)
  • Artist kit: Anitafrika Method Deck, notebook & artist workbook
  • Coaching sessions (minimum 1hr session daily)
  • Dramaturgy/directing/editing sessions (min 1hr daily)
  • 100% organic meals (option to opt out)
  • Morning guided meditation (1hr daily, optional)
  • Morning yoga (1hr daily, optional)
  • Walking trails and more


Residency Descriptions

Practitioners have the option to enrol with a group of 7 or less for a reduced fee. Please enquire regarding residency fees.
VILLAGE: 1 Day | Food Incl

BLACK(a): 1 Night 1 Day | Food Not Incl
BLACK(b): 1 Night 1 Day | Food Incl

RED(a): 2 Nights 2 Days | Food Not Incl
RED(b): 2 Nights 2 Days | Food Incl

ORANGE(a): 3 Nights 3 Days | Food Not Incl
ORANGE(b): 3 Nights 3 Days | Food Incl

YELLOW(a): 7 Nights 7 Days | Food Not Incl
YELLOW(b): 7 Nights 7 Days | Food Incl *Most Popular

GREEN(a): 10 Nights 10 Days | Food Not Incl
GREEN(b): 10 Nights 10 Days | Food Incl

BLUE(a): 14 Nights 14 Days | Food Not Incl
BLUE(b): 14 Nights 14 Days | Food Incl 

INDIGO(a): 21 Nights 21 Days | Food Not Incl
INDIGO(b): 21 Nights 21 Days | Food Incl

VIOLET(a): 28 Nights 28 Days | Food Not Incl
VIOLET(b): 28 Nights 28 Days | Food Incl

Application Requierments (max 3 pgs)
2.100 word biography
4.example of your art practice (any format welcome max 7 pgs)
5.letter of recommendation

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